Based at the Workington Academy site.

Examination Board


Entry Criteria

Grade 6 in GCSE English and Maths


Three external written examinations

Why you should study Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating subject that will give you an insight into your own behaviours and the behaviours of others. By taking A-Level psychology you will gain a solid foundation in a wide variety of areas within psychology such as biological, social and research methods, allowing you to apply to a huge range of options after A-Levels. You will also be expected to understand the practical application of psychology to areas such as mental health or criminal psychology, and unseen examples in the exam. You will also be given the opportunity to conduct some, small scale, practical research.

Psychology gives you the opportunity to extend your critical thinking and analytical skills as well as your written and mathematical skills.

Course Content

Year 12

  • Research Methods
  • Psychological themes through 10 core studies (historical and modern studies that have changed our psychological understanding of society)

Year 13

  • Psychological themes through 10 more core studies
  • Applied Psychology
    • Mental Health (Compulsory)
    • 2 other applied units from the list below
      • Sport and Exercise
      • Child Psychology
      • Criminal Psychology
      • Environmental Psychology

Skills Developed, Progression and Possible Future Careers

Studying psychology at A-Level will open your options to a wide range of choices after sixth form. It is a hugely popular undergraduate degree, and from there can be studied at masters and doctorate level to become a psychologist. Even studied at undergraduate level psychology can open doors into a multitude of careers as you gain skills working with others, using statistics, completing research and thinking critically. Individuals with psychology degrees can go on to work in businesses, mental health or counselling, sport, teaching, research, charities… And many more.

If higher education is not for you, psychology at A-Level can start to open these doors as you will have already gained many of the skills above. Having these skills can be applied to a wide range of positions after A-Levels, for example any role working with people, numbers or that requires problem solving or analytical skills.