As part of our ongoing advice and guidance, delivered this year through our new ‘Futures Week’, we are delighted to offer parents/carers the opportunity to meet representatives from apprenticeship providers, Lakes College and our own West Coast Sixth Form.

The timetable for w/c Monday November 23 is shown below:

We hope that, via Teams, you will be able to join us as a family in order to help clarify any questions you may have on any courses available or any applications processes.

The links for each are below:

WCSF: Click Here

ASK: Click Here

Gen2: Click Here

WCSF Science and Maths: Click Here

WCSF: English literature, English Language, Religious Studies & History: Click Here

Lakes College: Click Here

WCSF Languages and Geography: Click Here

WCSF Children’s Play, Learning and Development and Health and Social Care: Click Here

WCSF IT, Media, Computing and Business: Click Here

WCSF Sport & Applied Science: Click Here

System People: Click Here

WCSF Art, Design Technology and Performing arts: Click Here

WCSF Engineering: Click Here