FAO students who have applied for a place at West Coast Sixth Form for September 2020 entry.

Thank you all for your applications and your patience during this difficult time. In order to support you in preparation for study with us we are launching a new page on our website https://www.westcoastsixthform.org/bridging-work. It contains a range of activities and tasks for you to complete for the different subjects you have applied for.

As we are still unsure of when schools will be open again we cannot confirm, at this time, if we will be able to go ahead with our induction. We are therefore hoping to offer some ‘virtual lessons’ using Microsoft Teams. If you did not add your email address to your application you will need to contact us via office@westcoastsixthform.org to ensure that we will be able to add you to any online classes.

If you have not as yet applied, but would like to please see below for the application form which can be returned to office@westcoastsixthform.org.

We look forward to seeing you all in September, if not before.